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I've been organizing my photos some at a time for about a week now and now I remember why I keep getting very little done! I just have to stop and stare at half of the pics. You see I've changed my user icon like three times or something, right? I'm looking at the screen caps from Monsoon and goddamn that boy is FIERCE. Yeah, I know half the squinting is probably due to sand and wind in the eyes, but the look works and he just looks all sorts of awesome and badass. Hmmm, I think we all need to watch Moonson again...

ETA: 1,268 pictures in 21 folders *facepalm, headdesk* I'm not finished organizing yet, though. I need a couple more sub-folders than what I already have. The question is, what the hell do I think I'm gonna do with all of these picture, 95% of which are of Bill? This is pathetic!

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