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For me it was a year of health difficulties and setbacks that I think will actually work out in the end and let me achieve even more. They've set me a better bath and I get a do-over for this bit.

Also, the video makes mrealize ow much I love te world and all the wonderful people in it. Tgere's lots of horribleness but what makes me love it are tghose souls who will rise up and FIGHT. That's wat makes humani8ty beutiful.

Yea I took m ambine so thi si about as goo as tis post is guettig. You can parse out what I meant.
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I think the best gift is having a fun time together with my family. :)

(and I got an awesome Harry Potter lego set LOL- Yes, I'm 28 and getting legos for Christmas and I LOVE it!)
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Santa just finished up in London, England and his trip is going smoothly, according to NORAD.

Yes, I have FAR too much fun with this each year. It's just adorable!

ETA: Also, GO EAGLES! We're out of the playoffs but we did beat the Cowgirls. >:)
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Never believed in him. I wasn't allowed to celebrate Christmas until I was almost in my teens so I was always told that Santa was make believe.
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If he has a "fair to middling" list I'm on that.
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Meme nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] somewhatgolden. I love doing these!

I really did NOT want to post March but it would defeat the meme if I didn’t. I just want to say that I was in a very bad spot with Adam fandom in March.

As per tradition, Post the first sentence from every month:


February- Sadly, this could fit right in with the other genuine Turkish remakes on youtube.

March- The self-righteousness in Adam fandom is ridiculous.

April- Just finished Logan's Run.

May- I love President Obama.

June- I LOVED Doctor Who.

July- I need this shirt in my life NOW.

August- ok so if this 8:45am UK time thing is true for the Pottermore clue, it's clear that they don't want any fans on the east coast of North America to register because that's 3:45am on the eastern seaboard (in most places).

September- I thought the sorting was really interesting.

October- LOVED Doctor Who tonight.

November- So my advisor said I can switch to clinical. :)

December- [in response to Writer’s Block fav day of the week] Friday!

This makes my year look far less dramatic than it actually was. I guess all of my meltdowns and drama happened in the middle of each month. LOL And apparently I really loved Doctor Who this year.
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Snow! As long as it doesn't stick around too long. Getting 12 inches of snow on top of 12 inches that were already there kind of sucked last year. Luckily, I live in an area of the city were the city or neighbors clear the streets and sidewalks. There's a guy here with a plow on the front of his pickup and he comes through and plows our road. Everyone's pretty decent about clearing their sidewalks.

Also, Christmas! I love the decorations and music and lights. I wasn't allowed to celebrate Christmas until I was about 13 or 14.
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LOL I love DJ and Rose!

Also, here's DJ's mental health awareness non-profit.

DJ Jaffe
Executive Director
Mental Illness Policy Org.
50 East 129 St., PH7
NY NY 10035
HuffPo Writer: huffingtonpost.com/dj-jaffe
Follow us on Twitter: @MentalillPolicy


Dec. 21st, 2011 03:16 pm
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If someone can tell me a speedy way to get 2,000+ journal entries from LJ to DW, that would be lovely. I'd like a backup just in case. After months of trying, I've yet to figure out how to do it. I mean I know you can import but the problem is the massive amount of information that I'm trying to import. I can't leave my macbook hooked up for days while I wait for an import to finish. :(
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LOL IRL I wonder how many answers will be rants about the new (and pointless) LJ changes?

I would also like to take this moment to rant about the current stalemate in Congress. srsly wtf. GET IT TOGETHER, HOUSE REPUBLICANS.

This nonsense is why nothing ever gets accomplished. >:|
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Less than a month to go until my favorite service day!

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I fail so hard at Wizard's Duel. :( My sister has beat me three times in a row now. At least it's easier than brewing potions (which I'm currently also doing). I can still only brew the one potion. I ruined all the others so many times that I'm afraid to try them again. I don't want to spend any more Galleons in my Gringotts account on new cauldrons when we won't be able to get any more Galleons until the second book is online and who knows when that will be. At least they've shortened the brewing time. Much more reasonable now!
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NASA is accepting applications and I keep meaning to fill one out. I don't have the credentials, training, or mental stability to be an astronaut but I want to be one anyway. lol I think the only way I'll get into space is as a space tourist, which is good enough for me. I better start saving up the money now. I just love that it's even an option now.
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No. :(
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The Polar Express. And I must drink hot chocolate during the hot chocolate song!
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Christmas but we we use it as a time to get together as a family and eat. lol Not much emphasis on presents or the religious aspect, although my mom does go to Christmas service.
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Your Soul's Spice is Cinnamon

You think life is pretty great. You do your best to ignore or deal with the small stuff.

You love so many things in this world, and you embrace your passions. You are a warm and happy person.

You act on your instincts and do what feels right. At the end of the day, it's important that you're satisfied.

You are easy going and humorous. You especially have a sense of humor about yourself.

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The Green Mile

Sobbed my eyes out for both of those. I think I cried the longest after The Green Mile though. Damn, that movie just rips your heart out. :(


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