May. 16th, 2011

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So in ty latest amine induced haze, I'm being trying to decipher the Book of Thoth tarot. Which is abit difficult without the Book of Thoth. Luckily I have quite the esoteric collection to help me out with the hebrew and astrology. There's a spread of 15 cards. I'm been working an hour on deciphering just four of the cards. They design in complimentary layers and once I figure them out, they'll work amazing with other layouts. It's just figure out the meaning of each card that's the hard part.

Tell me what you see.

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Thursday, May 26 ยท 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Public House At Logan Square (1801 Arch) in Philly

More Info
I won a half-price happy hour! If you're in the area (Philly) come join me for a half-price happy hour and bring your friends! Just give my name at the hostess stand. Tell everyone you know about the happy hour just in case I missed inviting anyone.

I invited everyone on facebook but if I missed anyone, please feel free to come!


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