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*is very sad*

The guys mentioned that they'll always love their German fans the most.

I'm glad they'll always love their German fans the most because you should never forget how and where you got your start and who gave you your first break. I don't know if I'm saying that in all honesty or if I'm being really fucking sarcastic. :-(

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Also posted to the thfanclub forum:

Here it is. My really fucking pathetic letter in German. It's sad. Very, very sad. My German totes sucks, but I swear I tried my best! I'm going to leave ALL of my grammatical mistakes in that way they know that I put a ton of effort into writing the letter and I'm not into Tokio Hotel because I came from Germany or something. I'm a homegrown American and I just love the band all on my own and want to show that I give a shit about what happens to them just as much as any of their European fans. I want the company to know this. Follow the cut and tell me if I should add anything to the letter.

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