Oct. 29th, 2011

ew abscess

Oct. 29th, 2011 12:53 am
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The side of my head huuuurts. :( So I went to Student Health again this morning because the infection beside my ear was getting worse and hurting like hell, despite three days of antibiotics. Yesterday the doctor attempted to drain the infection and it refused to drain, so she had me make an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. However, they can't see me until November 7th. Anyway, I went back to Student Health this morning to beg for pain medication and the doctor was like there's not much I can really give you. Then she took a closer look at the infection and saw that it was starting to move over above the cartilage in my ear, which is a very bad thing. She sends me over straight away to the ER and amazingly I only have to wait like 15 minutes. Might be because the doctor called ahead but it's also a surprisingly small ER. A really, really good ER but smaller than I expected. I'm used to Temple's ER, which is ginormous.

I get sent back to a room after filling out some stupid surveys and being asked a million questions by people conducting surveys and medical/nursing students, they get to work on my ear (it really moved along quite quickly, actually, despite the one billion jillion surveys and questionnaires). It turns out it's an abscess and they're going to have to cut it open and drain it, which is what I was hoping wouldn't need to be done. Antibiotics apparently don't work on these sorts of things, which explains why it wasn't getting better.

I asked the Doctor where the needle for anesthesia was going and if it was going in the swollen part. I just wanted to be prepared, ya know? He's like "no of course not" and proceeds to jab the needle in the swollen part. It's really funny in hindsight but it hurt so fucking bad I legit cried. Like tears down my face and whimpering. :( OMG PAIN. It got worse though. I don't know wtf was in that needle but it sure as hell hurt just so that it wouldn't hurt as much later.

He let the med student make the incision, which he made too small, so the doctor had to enlarge it. The initial incision was painful despite the anesthesia but it was bearable, the doctor had to go and enlarge it for some reason it was in a particularly tender area and hurt like a mofo. I'm sure it would have hurt a million times worse without anesthesia. Still, I'm sniffling but I'm doing OK. And then they start applying heavy pressure and pushing because they have to get all the fluid out. HOLY MOTHER OF MARY SWEET JESUS. ;___________________; negl, I started crying again.

They finished with all that and then had to stuff the abscess with gauze to keep it from filling back up with fluid. It was a pretty big abscess so they're shoving the gauze in there and BAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW :''''''( More crying. Now I'm not wailing or anything and I'm keeping still but I am like "OW OW OW OW *sniffle sniffle*"

Finally they finish everything, clean up my face, and put some gauze over the incision (which has gauze packed into it). I have to go back to Student Health on Monday or the ER on Sunday so they can pull out the gauze in the abscess. I imagine that will hurt like hell because the gauze is stiff with dried blood. After the anesthesia starts wearing off, I'm srsly in so much pain that I damn near want to cry again. Luckily I begged some Ibuprofen out of them.

Right now, I took more Ibuprofen but the incision hurts more than it did earlier. I don't think the ibuprofen is working as well this time. :/ It's pretty uncomfortable but at least it doesn't feel like the side of my head is being shredded anymore.

Here's my head all bandaged up at the hospital (of course I'd take pictures- this is the age of the internet):

Here's what it looks like without the bandage- it's a little dark (my sister was putting on more gauze for me). I guess the string is so they can pull the gauze out. The lump there is the abscess filled with gauze, and swelling of course:

behind a cut in case you're squicked )

So...that was my day. I'm going to have to get the abscess cut out or it will keep getting infected and no way in hell am I going through this again. I'd rather just have the temporary pain of minor surgery than repeatedly having to get the abscess drained. :(


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