Sep. 27th, 2011

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Doctor Who.

That's the only TV show I remember to watch anyway. lol
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Just commissioned a Slytherin messenger bag on Etsy because I simply could NOT find one ready-made to purchase. I'm so excited! This will be the coolest bag ever! I ran across a design that I liked and asked if it could be painted onto a messenger bag, expecting that I would have to pay like $60 for a bag and shipping to send her the bag or give her about $60 to buy the bag herself (that's if she could even paint it on the bag, rather than a tote). I wasn't expecting the seller to offer to MAKE the bag by hand and she had a cool material in stock. I seriously thought she just painted pre-purchased stock but she apparently makes it all by hand and only charged me $44 after we discussed what I was looking for.

It's going to be so cool looking. It's this neat material that resembles denim but isn't and it's very sturdy. The Slytherin logo is nice and big and has a large silver/grey slithering snake where the "y" is in the word. It's very well done! I can tell right now that this bag will be a prized possession. :)

Here's the material (I chose to have the dark grey side facing outwards):

Here's the design:

She'll send me "in progress" photos as she's working on it and I'll post those here too. :3


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