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ETA: Just mailed a request to head up the official Street Team. We'll continue as unofficial for now like we've been doing and should the time come to alter our plans, we will. For the moment, we'll keep moving! :-) More publicity can't hurt, yeah? Letters were sent to both CA and NY.

We're workin' on it NOW. I got tired of waiting for something to get going, so bull by the horns and all that. We'll figure out graphics tomorrow but we have the basic team structure down. We'll do it by regions, with each region receiving it's own myspace page and then one massive LJ page for the entirety of the US effort. We might need LJ's for each region now that I think about it but whatever. We'll get to that when we get to it.

This is going to have to be massive because this country's so freakin' ginormous.

ETA2: Got a logo and the myspace pages are coming soon. :-)
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Posted by someone on TH Fanclub; I SO hope this is true. I'll just hope and pray that it is. I guess we'll see but the source seems pretty legit, so I'm going to let myself get a little excited while holding my breath.
Voilà c'est partie le groupe passera l'été en Amérique pour préparer le terrain là bas ! Sortie d'album, single, tournage de clips, tournée sont prévu avant la fin 2007 début 2008 !
Les Th vont donc s'attaquer au marché US !

Source : Webmaster of French TH.com and http://www.thforum.net (French official TH forum)

So, let's go, the band will spend the summer in America to prepare their coming there! Release of album, single, music video shooting, a tour are envisaged before the end of 2007~biginning of 2008!
TH will attack the US market!
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You know how my teammates at work were making fun of the guys? Well, today they demanded that I let them listen to Tokio Hotel (we have little speakers that we plug into our mp3 players so that everyone can listen to music). I didn't want them to let them listen because I was really afraid that my teammates would make fun of the guys even worse.

Hell just froze over because my team's given TH a seal of approval! After each song, I'm like, "Should I stop now?" or "Ok, one more and then I'll unplug the speakers." and they're were like, "That's all you've got?! No, keep it comin'! Play more." My one teammate said that she still thinks the band looks creepy, but she's pleasantly surprised. They wanted to hear the English songs too.

Tokio Hotel can make it in America peeps. I KNOW that now. I'm certain of it.
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Completely unrelated but I must share with someone, I do believe Tokio Hotel has one more American fan! A friend of mine made the mistake of being curious about this band that I keep going on about and she asked me what kind of music do they play and what are their lyrics like. I knew I could nab her when she saw a couple of pictures of Bill and instead of being like, "OMG, THAT'S A GUY?! EEEEWWWW LOLZ" she just repeatedly remarked upon how pretty he is and that she was jealous of his beauty right along with the rest of us.

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Ok, so I figured I should compile all of the information that I have so far. There really isn't anywhere else that it's gathered in one location and I'll feel dumb posting it on one of the other comms. If anyone else wants to post this stuff elswhere, feel free. Island Records was/is(?) supposed to be in charge of releasing TH's cds over here in the US. I've also found the contact info for Universal Music in Canada. The guys are, I think, signed to just plain old Universal Music in Germany. Follow the cut for all of the info.

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