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If we all keep bailing and moving to like Arizona and shit, who'll be here to help fix this mess? This city has been good to me but not so good to many, I OWE the people something.

Source: CBS3

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia’s murder rate is gaining national attention as it continues to climb following a deadly weekend. Police said 37 shootings in 72 hours left six people dead, bringing the city's murder rate to 232 homicides for the year.

A damn shame. The government set the cities up for failure a long time ago (read A Prayer For The City to see what I'm talking about) and we have to fight back. NOW. )

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*starts looking harder for campaign jobs* Shit, those 100-hour weeks are looking more enticing by the minute... And I just gave Obama $10 that I didn't have, just to spite you Supreme Court.

Ok, I'm only spiting 5 people on the Supreme Court, the other 4 are cool. Let's hear it for rolling back desegregation! WOOT! [/sarcasm] Dr. King, your work was for nothing. Aren't you glad?

Look, the schools aren't going to desegregate themselves for various reasons that I won't get into, that's like thinking the majority of corporations are going to willingly protect the environment. So far, one of the few that does is Timberland. Anyway, back to the schools.

Philadelphia schools are ridiculous in this regard and I wanted to do an MLK Day reflection but my reflection piece was deemed too controversial for our volunteers. Everyone in City Year would agree with the piece but we had to protect the poor, delicate ears of those who can't deal with the truth. Bitches. Segregation is alive and well in our schools and neighborhoods, deal with it. You can see it in any American city, in any small American town- I've lived in both and trust me, it's true.

The Supreme Court is doing nothing to help fix the problem. OMG I'M SO PISSED.
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"I heard the news today, oh boy..."

8 murders in just over 24 hours. If I believed in a god, I'd pray for my city because damn...

I love this city, it's the best place in the world. Despite the violence, this city has an amazing spirit, present since the moment it was founded. We'll rise from the ashes like we always do but this year's going to be rough.
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I went up to the info desk at the big FYE on 15th and Chestnut (I think that's right- across from The Ritz) and got to chatting with the guy about carrying more imports and getting Tokio Hotel cds into the store. I told him all about the band and how popular they are in Europe, how they're moving into the UK, and also the rumour that they're about to break into the US. I let him now that TH has A LOT of fans here in the US and we'd like it if it wasn't so hard for us to buy stuff by the guys.

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On right now on The Travel Channel. It's live and until 3:00 AM EST. At the Eastern State Penintentiary in Philadelphia, PA. Holy shit...

No really, I'm scared shitless just watching and it's all real. The webcams- you gotta check 'em out. I'm totes shaking right now cuz just damn... fucking shadows on the webcams where there aren't people.

GUH! I <3 the show, I watch it all the time and they're totes legit. This shit's haunted as hell. By what? Who knows. I won't say they're spirits or whatever, but there's something not right going on there.

It's back on, gtg.
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I was totes gonna post something serious and mushy, but my sister just told me the most...unbelievable... story ever. She and her friend Brian from work were sitting around today and Brian just randomly starts singing Tokio Hotel's version of Instant Karma. It WAS NOT John Lennon's version. My sister of course loves TH's version of Instant Karma so she freaks not only because Brian's singing a song that she loves and instantly recognizes, but also because it's a TOKIO HOTEL song and she and I both figure NO ONE has heard a damn thing by Tokio Hotel.

Not so, says Brian. He can't remember where he's heard the song and he has no clue who sings it, but his friends spin a lot of different stuff from all over the globe and he thinks he heard it in one of the clubs that one of his friends works at. I want to know what club this is and get my ass over there! This makes perfect sense that a DJ on the up-and-up would know what's hot outside of the US and would mix it as a dance tune.

People, this is kinda HUGE. TH is most likely getting some play in at least ONE club in Philadelphia.
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From an Allyson Schwartz fundraiser:

Amber, Rebecca, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, Me, Joanna

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Last Friday (not this past one), I finally saw Lord of the Dance after waiting TEN FREAKIN' YEARS. It was awesome! I think it was even better because the wait was so long.

We could never afford to see it before, since my family's never had much money. Now that we live in the city and my sister and I make our own money, we have access to a lot of stuff that we used to miss out on since we lived in a rural area. Thanks to my sister, we splurged a bit and she, my mom, and I had a blast! Not to mention excellent seats. We received compliments for being so loud and energetic. XD Yes, compliments!
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Unfortunately, both teams suck. Well, to me any team that isn't the Philadelphia Eagles sucks. Next year. We'll get back to the Superbowl next year. As it is, we made it quite far this year, farther than anyone expected we would. YAY FOR JEFF GARCIA! Right. I'm done. My prediction- the Colts collapse and the Bears take all.

Me? I'll watch the game today, but I'm just in it because it's an annual excuse to party like a fool. Kind of like New Years. The the holiday Christmas party. *raises a toast with her gin and tonic, which hasn't been made yet*

ETA: Oops. So, the Colts won. At least the g&t was almost as good as I'd hoped. Although, after the first couple of drinks, I could've been drinking piss and it would've tasted awesome. This had to be the sloppiest Superbowl game that I've ever watched, although Prince totally rocked the house! The commercials were SO lame, but...Prince totally rocked the house! Did I mention that the game was 'tarded, but Prince totally rocked the house?


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