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You'd think there would be plenty of organizations that work with the homeless. It's sad that there aren't. People are LAME. Maybe the VA has a job opening. Really, it's not like I'm asking to be a rock star or something, I just want to work with the homeless because I like it and you meet some awesome people that way.

Is that so much to ask?

To top it off, I found a grey hair last night (I'm 23!) and Verizon FAILS at life. Still haven't fixed my fucking dial tone after trying since Caturday to do so.

On a positive note, we've made A LOT of progress in getting the street team myspace pages up. My respect for myspace has increased ever so slightly because I seriously thought our main page was just gonna die with four or five people entering code on the same page at once for several hours. It worked beautifully and the only deletions suffered were caused by us. All of them were quickly repaired. Three pages down, like four more to go or something. The project is big-ish but not as complicated as it may seem. *hugs her fellow team members* The pages look awesome! XD

ETA: Finally remembered to add this hysterical youtube video that I saw on WTF, Inc (I think)and have been meaning to post. I used to be in love with Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance/Riverdance back in like 1997. Actually, I finally saw Lord of the Dance this year. I just had to! They were in town and the ticket price wasn't bad. I waited 10 years and I wasn't about to pass up the chance! LOL It was pretty freakin' awesome.

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Dear LJ, I promise I'll post something substantial to you tomorrow or something. Yup. Been bogged down and sick this past week. I'm sleepy, so pardon the spelling and grammatical mistakes.

I will say that today my Young Heroes were awesome. We covered the topic of homelessness and they really got it! I'm so proud of them. :-} Our service in the morning was to collect canned goods, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and monetary donations at several local Superfresh grocery stores.

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