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I'm fucked. :-( I just can't stay angry with them- not with Bill anyway. I want to slap him right now for being a total pussy, but then I'd only end up kissing away the handprint. *headdesks repeatedly* Why do I love these guys so much? I just don't understand it. I can't even be properly upset with them.

I've had favorite bands that I've obsessed over (and still feel warm and fuzzy about), but it's NEVER been quite like this. Tokio Hotel isn't even an obsession and they never were; they were always like a fucking drug from the minute I saw Bill and it's just gotten worse and worse. The addiction is impossible to shake.

I don't even know anymore. *sigh*

I just have to hope and wait...and inevitably have my heart broken, but what else is there to do? I'm going to put all of my efforts into Project 483 and maybe, just maybe, that'll give them a needed kick in the ass.

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