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Amazing how different one day is from another. Work on Wednesday was fucking terrible. Work on Thursday, full of teh LOLZ. I thought it was going to suck again, but the little kiddies at camp totes cheered me up. I'm like, "Oh god, here we go again," but as soon as they start coming in and I get to talk to them, I just can't help but brighten up a bit. I guess it's kind of because I have to. You can't greet kids with a bad attitude. There was this one adorable little boy who automatically reached his hand up for me to hold. OMG, he couldn't be more than four and it was an awesome feeling that he trusted me like that and saw me as a safe figure who would take care of him. How can that not warm your heart? :3

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It sucks being sick. I'll be pissed as hell if it's the flu. Yup, that's my entry for today. I went into work late. Maybe I shoulda stayed home for real.


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