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I'm waiting for my sister to scan the letter and then I'll edit this entry and post the scan so that you guys can read the text. Long story short, Tokio Hotel is now on Barnes & Nobles' radar and I don't mean someone flunky read my letter, I mean the freakin' Marketing person wrote me back and told me what was going on. My sister read the letter to me over the phone and I was pretty much squealing. It's not totally huge news or anything but it is news. They know about Tokio Hotel, Scream (I think) is available a few B&N stores and they'll be watching those sales very closely. Whatev. The important part is that if I'm guessing correctly about corporate people, they won't be watching only sales of Scream, but they'll also be keeping tabs on Tokio Hotel in general. At the very least, they're familiar with the band's name and music now.

Keep watching this space for a scan of the letter! XD ETA (There is a reason why we asked for Zimmer instead of Scream. In this instance, it wasn't know beforehand that some B&N stores actually are carrying Scream.):

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Yeah, it took us ages but I promise we were working the entire time. Fucking html and all that. I know some of the music isn't working properly- we'll work on that. Thanks a million to everyone who's involved (I don't know if any of them are actually on LJ lol). Thanks Jenii for giving us a place to meet and letting us hijack like two threads to indulge our insanity. XD

A BIG thank you to Tokio Hotel Does America for being totally spectacular and doing a ton of work to make things easier for the rest of us street teamers all across the country. And of course, thanks to all of our fellow street teamers, particularly the ones who've friended us on myspace already!

We're gathering members at the moment (ie: we've only just managed to start that process tonight), so once we get a little further along in that, we'll move forward. Spread the word! :-)


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