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*How well it went? I've no clue. I do know that people did participate but there's no way to tell the number. *shrugs*

*Stage 2 begins in two weeks, although this date isn't set in stone.
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ETA: Just mailed a request to head up the official Street Team. We'll continue as unofficial for now like we've been doing and should the time come to alter our plans, we will. For the moment, we'll keep moving! :-) More publicity can't hurt, yeah? Letters were sent to both CA and NY.

We're workin' on it NOW. I got tired of waiting for something to get going, so bull by the horns and all that. We'll figure out graphics tomorrow but we have the basic team structure down. We'll do it by regions, with each region receiving it's own myspace page and then one massive LJ page for the entirety of the US effort. We might need LJ's for each region now that I think about it but whatever. We'll get to that when we get to it.

This is going to have to be massive because this country's so freakin' ginormous.

ETA2: Got a logo and the myspace pages are coming soon. :-)


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