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I like ya Mark Martin and Aric Almirola but out of loyalty to Jr., I swore that I wouldn't accept anyone in the 8 car besides him. No matter who the driver was.

So glad Jr.'s moving to Hendrick and DEI can keep the stupid number. It won't make their engines run any better and Jr.'s more than just a number. I've been forced to stop hatin' on Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson too, since they'll be Jr.'s teammates next year. Meh. Gordon's cool now days anyway, so whatev. Ingrid's awesome and the baby is TOO cute.

In other sports news. The Eagles are sucking already. *headdesk* No Superbowl for us this year. Is anyone surprised? smh Yes, I've given up on the season before it's even started because I'm a boo-bird. And what? And heeeey look, McNabb threw an interception. Of course he did. He always does. GAWD Gettin' our asses whooped by Green Bay and the game's barely started. Let's just hope we don't end up looking as pathetic as the Saints did against the Colts. At least score [i]something[/i] Eagles. A field goal, even. D-:

I feel my blood pressure rising already. *holds head in hands* And Andy wasted a timeout. WHY ANDY, WHY? Using a timeout this early is not going to make the team suck any less or make McNabb throw any more accurately.

3 penalties, 2 turnovers, and only one first down. We haven't even played for 6 minutes yet.

Whatever. I still love my Eagles, even though they'll lose every year. At least they're not the Cardinals (who beat us when the walking disaster McMahon took the helm).

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Go Dale Jr.!

And let's hear it for Boris Said!

And Toyota! It'll get better Toyota, I promise. Mikey's team didn't mean to screw up and it wasn't Mikey's fault anyway (ok, so he probably knew about it, but whatev). Don't be mad with him.

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