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I couldn't do it. I was SO close to being able to wait until they showed season 3/29 (I think we're on 29, right?) in the States, but reading all the not so great reviews of the last episode and peaking at spoilers every so often...

I couldn't stand the wait anymore. I watched Smith and Jones online the day it aired and that was fantastic! Martha's everything I thought she'd be. :-) So tonight I caved and I set aside EVERYTHING, even Tokio Hotel, and all I've done ALL evening is watch Doctor Who.

Probably spoilers after the jump...

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(as posted Doctor Who Online)

5 5 5 5 5!!! Did I mention that I'm giving this 5/5? Martha is everything I hoped she'd be! I love her! This episode was really awesome and a great opener. The plasmavore was a little random, but they saved it by tying everything together. I wasn't too keen on the platoons of marching Judoon effect; that looked a little lame. I do love the Judoon boots and they're not nearly as cheesy as I feared from the pictures. In fact, they weren't cheesy at all. They were a nice, classic alien and I like how they weren't really good or bad, just a bunch of dignified mercenaries.

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