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This is totally unrelated but before I get started, I gotta give a shout out to the New Hampshire Street Team, the Tokio Hotel Does America Street Team, and Hannah from Georgia, all three of whom are on myspace. They did some kick ass work recently and I'm totes impressed! Remind me to congratulate them on the THDA blog. ::is forgetful::

Now down to business. I x-posted this all over the place on our myspace street team pages, but there are people on LJ who aren't on myspace so this is for all you LJ peeps.

Ok, so I went out today and harrassed interrogated talked to the managers at the FYE and Borders downtown and here's the skinny: We need to continue seeking out store managers but we're also going to add a component to our plan of attack.

Shhh, top secret plan under the cut! )


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