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*massive amounts of cursing ahead*

Silly little lovable bastards Tokio Hotel, I just ate up valuable (and scarce) hard disk space by reinstalling my printer so that I could finally print out this damn letter, since the printer at work decided to die. Not only that, but I just spent $65 worth of new ink cartridges and paper on you ungrateful little fucktards sweet, adorable boys. All so I can finally print this motherfucking letter and fucking send the bitch out.

Someone who matters better FUCKING READ THIS GODDAMN LETTER WHEN IT GETS TO GERMANY. Ugh. The things you make me do, Bill. The things you make me do... :-(

In a fit of pure insanity borne of frustration, I wrote on the envelope: Attn: Tokio Hotel. Let's put a little pressure on them too. Why just stick to the record company when the artists have some sway? I blame my fowl mood on the fact that I had to spend $65 on ink cartridges just for one letter and a photo. AND today I'm again convinced that we're on the band's shitlist for whatever reason. Please excuse the shitty picture quality: I was taking photos with my phone.

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