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Hopefully this slideshow thing works- I'm at work and don't have the updated flash so I can't tell. :-/ Some of these photos are pretty random, like sides of trucks because I have horrible timing when taking pictures. Whatev. Enjoy!

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I'll post up on all the fun on the 'morrow. I gotta get my ass to bed cuz I got work tomorrow. Unfortunately, my body's telling me that it's only 9:40 PM and I should be at a Thunder From Down Under show right now. It's 12:40 AM and I should be in bed. God I hate work. I wanna stay in Vegas! I've always loved the glitz, glamour, and the fact that you can totally feel like a rockstar for like a week.
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I'll be gone from tomorrow (14th) to the 22nd. See ya guys in a week! I'm off to Las Vegas HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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