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I was totes gonna post something serious and mushy, but my sister just told me the most...unbelievable... story ever. She and her friend Brian from work were sitting around today and Brian just randomly starts singing Tokio Hotel's version of Instant Karma. It WAS NOT John Lennon's version. My sister of course loves TH's version of Instant Karma so she freaks not only because Brian's singing a song that she loves and instantly recognizes, but also because it's a TOKIO HOTEL song and she and I both figure NO ONE has heard a damn thing by Tokio Hotel.

Not so, says Brian. He can't remember where he's heard the song and he has no clue who sings it, but his friends spin a lot of different stuff from all over the globe and he thinks he heard it in one of the clubs that one of his friends works at. I want to know what club this is and get my ass over there! This makes perfect sense that a DJ on the up-and-up would know what's hot outside of the US and would mix it as a dance tune.

People, this is kinda HUGE. TH is most likely getting some play in at least ONE club in Philadelphia.


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