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*cries from boredom*

Aw my Young Heroes graduate tonight. I'm totes gonna cry cuz I adore those kids. :-*( I don't wanna leave them. *sobs*

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The Young Heroes (our middle schoolers) have their closing overnight retreat; program's almost over! :-) :-( So, I'll be off-line tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. Monday I leave for Vegas and I won't be back until the 22nd.

So, all of you wonderful people will have to miss me until tomorrow night. Just figured I'd post this just in case anyone responds to any of my comments in the comms and I'm slow to answer.
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On my pooter, spammin' ur f-list.

Let's play "Where's AyanEva?"

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x-posted to TH_Cult

Right now Bill's cheering me up by "SQUEEM"ing. XD

No really, though. I just had to explain what I was doing with my life to TWO FUCKING NOSY ASS PEOPLE. Ok, one's not so nosy and he got it when I explained it. The other, an ex-professor has confirmed my belief that he's a pretentious patronizing motherfucking ASSHAT who should just follow the dinosaurs and die THE FUCK OFF.

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Dear LJ, I promise I'll post something substantial to you tomorrow or something. Yup. Been bogged down and sick this past week. I'm sleepy, so pardon the spelling and grammatical mistakes.

I will say that today my Young Heroes were awesome. We covered the topic of homelessness and they really got it! I'm so proud of them. :-} Our service in the morning was to collect canned goods, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and monetary donations at several local Superfresh grocery stores.

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I'm a proud City Year corps member, so I figured I'd give CYGP a little love. I typed the following essay yesterday in response to an senior corps application question and I thought I'd share what I wrote. This is why City Year is awesome and why you should get involved!

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