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On my pooter, spammin' ur f-list.

Let's play "Where's AyanEva?"

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I want to see them in concert so, so badly. I don't even have to meet them, just see them. Hell, I'll sit in the very back row of the nosebleed section and I'll be happy.

Maybe it's just because I'm sleepy and nearly ready for bed, but this is again one of those nights where I'm all stupid, hormonal, and girly and feel like crying over the whole wrong-side-of-the-ocean problem.

GAH! What is this band doing to to me! It's pathetic...

These last few months would be so much more bland without the guys, though.

Yes, I waste an entry on "WAH! I can't see TH!" rather than posting about how successful my job's service event, 100 Hours of Power, was. Whatever. I can be a humanitarian 80% of the time and I've earned the right to be totally shallow the other 20% of the time.

Bill Kaulitz is love.

Oh, and did you watch Heroes tonight? *cries because Isaac's dead* And I still don't trust Peter.


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