Dec. 23rd, 2011

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Meme nabbed from [ profile] somewhatgolden. I love doing these!

I really did NOT want to post March but it would defeat the meme if I didn’t. I just want to say that I was in a very bad spot with Adam fandom in March.

As per tradition, Post the first sentence from every month:


February- Sadly, this could fit right in with the other genuine Turkish remakes on youtube.

March- The self-righteousness in Adam fandom is ridiculous.

April- Just finished Logan's Run.

May- I love President Obama.

June- I LOVED Doctor Who.

July- I need this shirt in my life NOW.

August- ok so if this 8:45am UK time thing is true for the Pottermore clue, it's clear that they don't want any fans on the east coast of North America to register because that's 3:45am on the eastern seaboard (in most places).

September- I thought the sorting was really interesting.

October- LOVED Doctor Who tonight.

November- So my advisor said I can switch to clinical. :)

December- [in response to Writer’s Block fav day of the week] Friday!

This makes my year look far less dramatic than it actually was. I guess all of my meltdowns and drama happened in the middle of each month. LOL And apparently I really loved Doctor Who this year.
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If he has a "fair to middling" list I'm on that.


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