Oct. 24th, 2011

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Back at home for a few days now. I may go back out to Occupy Philly on Wednesday. My friends came by and helped me pack up my stuff and gave me a lift home. My cough started getting worse and I've got an infection in my ear so I thought it might be wise to come home for a few days until I feel better. I miss Occupy Philly already. :( I'll probably stop by there tomorrow for their workshop of philosophies and goals at 10:30am.

In other news, I made it into the Philadelphia Tribune and the quotes they used from me were edited decently! :) I'm afraid to read the comments to the article because there's probably a fair amount of Red-baiting going on. I mean, they'd be right but I don't wanna read mean comments about myself. lol I don't even know if there are any because I'm afraid to look!
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Las Vegas.

I love Las Vegas. LOL Ironic, isn't it?


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