Oct. 17th, 2011

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If all religious stuff bothers you, skip this post. I'll understand. Some people just can't stomach it and I understand why. I'm perfectly fine with faith when it's used for a good purpose.

If you can remember that faith and religion can still play an important, positive role and you can appreciate and respect that fact, feel free to continue reading.

None of these vids are mine. I just trawled through youtube for them. I just want you guys to see how amazing this was. We'll start with Aretha.

One of my all-time favorite songs. We rocked out to this song! (not religious, actually- Just Stevie being awesome)

Here is the link to the whole ceremony. http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/MartinLuthe&showFullAbstract=1

Notable moments: 31 minutes, Rev. Bernice King. She sounds so much like MLK in her cadence and speech. She got the audience fired up! Best speech of the day.

1 hr. 46 minutes, a violinist lady and some rap guys who were freakin' awesome.

1hr 56 minutes, Amandla (12 years old) speaking about the four girls who died in the Sunday church bombing. I think this one might have made me tear up the most.

2hr 9 minutes, Rev. Sharpton. Second best speech of the day, just behind Bernice.

2hr 17 min. Glory, Glory Hallelujah

2hr 49 min. President Obama

3hr 10 min. We Shall Overcome

If I can ever find the video they showed during Lift Every Voice and Sing, I'll post it. It was really awesome!

Also, if I can find the Morning Joy portion of the program (pre-program worship and praise), I'll post that too.

The post-program concert may take a bit longer to find video of.

One of my favorite moments of that was definitely when Stevie Wonder and the band decided to play Love Train even though Stevie admitted that he didn't know all the words. The crowd wanted to hear it, he said he'd play anything, so he played it for us and everyone just sort of pitched in and helped sing the words. LOL Half of us didn't know all the words either so it was this hilarious lyrically jumbled mess and one of the backup singers ended up singing half of the song because he was the only one who knew the words. Everyone was dancing and it was a giant celebration! With a lot of botched lyrics. LOOOOOOL I think maybe you had to be there to really appreciate the moment. LMAO At least everyone knew the chorus!


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