Oct. 12th, 2011

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*facepalm* My childhood friend posts the most offensive/racist things on facebook and half of what comes out of her mouth over the phone isn't much better. Don't get her started on Mexicans. She'll go on for like 20 minutes about Mexicans. She was visiting us here in Philadelphia once and started talking about the "towel heads" who drove the taxi cabs. Luckily my sister was the one with her, not me. I'm happy I missed that bit of awkward racism.

Really though, if her rants about Mexicans weren't so appalling, they'd actually be really funny because she is SO over the top about it. Like she'd trip over a rock and find some way to blame the Mexicans (and half of the people she's talking about aren't even from Mexico).

Sadly, quite a few of my childhood friends really aren't that much better than she is because of where I grew up. Confederate flag clothing was perfectly normal back home. Many of my friends watch Fox News. We don't talk about politics. They post political things, I post political things, and mostly we avoid commenting on each other's political posts. lol
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What kind of snake?

What kind of spider?

If it's a pit of little garden snakes then that's OK.
If it's a snake of daddy longlegs, that's OK too.


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