Oct. 7th, 2011

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What a miserable week. I had just about decided to take a semester off but I wasn't quite sure yet. Then I get an email from one of my professors telling me that I'm in danger of failing the class and there's basically no way that I can catch up on the work. That pretty much made my decision for me. Either sit out a semester or flunk out of the program.


I'm disappointed even though I know it's not my fault. I was in my psychiatrist's office when I got the email so I was all ;________________; and he was trying to make me feel better. :'(

Looks like I'll be graduating in freakin' 2013 instead of 2012. I kind of just want to quit completely at this point but I've gotten so far. I guess I'll tie up some loose ends and just take a couple of months to regroup before trying again in the Spring. Perhaps I can take this opportunity to switch to clinical instead of macro.

I'm still very sadfaced right now but I had a fun dinner with my friend, which I desperately needed, so that's lightened my mood a bit.


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