Oct. 6th, 2011

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So many things tumbling around in my head. So much stuff up in the air. I want to make a long LJ entry but I don't even know where to start. I need to sort out my own thoughts first and that's proving difficult to do.

I guess it's not too late to salvage something from this semester, although I don't know what. I'll talk to my advisor tomorrow. I was supposed to talk to my professor today but I bailed on classes. I just couldn't make myself go. I just couldn't. :(

I wish there was a way to take this semester off. There might still be. I'll ask about it tomorrow. I know I can take a leave from field placement- they've told me that much already. If I do that though, I'd push off graduation for another year because I'd have to do field placement next year instead.
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Well, he made me appreciate just how much better Macs are when compared to PCs. lol I used to be so anti-Apple because I thought the products were too trendy. Then my PC crashed one too many times and I got fed up and bought my Macbook. Best technology decision I've ever made!


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