Sep. 9th, 2011

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5.6k Saturn Cassini Photographic Animation from stephen v2 on Vimeo.

Animated from hundreds of thousands of still photographs from NASA's Cassini orbiter, the above video isn't actually a NASA project. Instead, it's a preview of a full-length IMAX film dubbed Outside In: a non-profit project funded by a number of individual supporters.

The most striking thing to note about the breathtaking visual fly-by of Saturn seen above is that the footage isn't computer-generated or enhanced with CGI or 3D effects. What you see are a huge number of high-resolution still images animated in sequence to create full motion using a "2.75D" photographic fly-through technology. Filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren is aiming for a limited IMAX release for the feature-length movie, to be accompanied by a synchronized light show in planetarium, museum, and gallery locations to be announced.


OMG GUYS. GUYS...THIS IS A REAL IMAGE, NO COLOR ENHANCEMENTS. This has GOT to be one of THE most GORGEOUS photos I have EVER seen. (keep clicking to get to high-res image)

Source: amazeballs
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I'm in a full blown panic over my assignments for school. :(

Just went through my syllabi (syllabuses?) and between field placement, my assignments, work, and possibly mentoring a high school student (I'd like to but I'm not sure I have time to), I think I just might die this semester. It's more likely that people will be attending my funeral before my graduation at this point. ;_____;

I really might have to leave my job. Not just because I hate it (which I do) but because I literally do not have time for it. Right now, I'm squeezing in ALL of my necessary appointments, phone calls, and errands that need to happen during the week into Friday before 2pm. Like everything not related to school or work must happen in that tiny window of time.

I have therapy once a week and that MUST happen on Friday morning. I have a doctor's appointment coming up that I need to reschedule from Tuesday to...Friday morning. Sometime before or after my therapy appointment. Psychiatrist appointment on the 19th? I have that already scheduled so I have to squeeze in therapy around it some time.

Maybe I can give up my Thursday morning shift so I at least have Thursday morning free too and then I'll just keep the long Friday afternoon/evening shift.


I didn't even get to brew a potion today. :(
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Ganked from D-Listed.



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