Aug. 12th, 2011

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Even though none of the class turned in the last assignment, my professor posted our grades today anyway. I got an A! :D I think I'll get a B+ in my second class, which is fine with me. I'm just glad I made it through another semester. Four more classes to go, guys. Two semesters. I'm almost there! I can't believe I've made it through two years of graduate school and I stuck with it. I'm soooo close.
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No one reads this DW but I'm posting this here just so it doesn't look so damn bare. Most of these are twitter or LJ names:

ErisedSword62- adamsheroin

ThestralMagic181- catnipandhoney

NightLeviosa129- fairfax_verde

WizardNight164- Quinn_ART

UnicornFang42- Fiarra

ScarletSnidget74- TellDeBatz

GlowWalnut188- hideinyourfeild

SilverFelicis14- ToxicLED

DawnStorm203- Dilerius

CrimsonGhost4- ZoniDuck

CastleCentaur205- blackcolorliner

SwordSeeker139- fireangel8723

GoldFeather209- neroglitzerin

AurorOak40- starteddy <---my sister lol

HawthornPatronus53- eloiserummaging

MarauderDraconis35- ayaneva <-----ME!

Add your name if you want to be included in my list! This is just so people know whose who. I think we'll be able to post messages in our common rooms, so this could be useful for friend finding if people are sorted into the same houses.
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Add your name to the Pottermore name list (that I'm making just because). You can use this list to find a friendly face should you be sorted into the same house. I read somewhere that while this isn't a social networking site, we'll be able to post messages in our house common rooms. Regardless, it'll be fun knowing whose who, if nothing else.

Pottermore name list


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