Aug. 11th, 2011

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IF YOU LIKE SNARRY, READ THIS NOW. Battle for the Dark Arts by asecretchord on DW ([ profile] atanvarne_lj on LJ).

I usually avoid WIPs like the plague but this one is SO good and she updates frequently (just posted chapter 18 last night), so I recommend reading it even if you're like me and don't normally read WIPs. Really, it's worth it! This should be on every recommended Snarry reading list. It's an amazing story and so well thought out. Very gripping and drama-filled and the romance isn't all sugary but it's a path paved with difficulties and misunderstandings- just as it should be between Harry and Severus. It's pretty clever how she gets them together because there's a twist to it that she goes into detail to explain. It's very intelligently done and well thought out.

I'm trying to pimp this story out as much as possible because I love it so much! Please give it a go. It's 18 chapters long and over 100K words so far so make sure you give yourself a good chunk of reading time or read it over several days. You won't regret it, I promise!

If you like accidental bonding fics, this story is totally for you. I would caution that SPOILERS ) Trust me, it's a story worth reading!


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