Aug. 1st, 2011

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I had to jump through hoops to get the damn thing.

I only got two hours of sleep but I got the account and got one for my sister. Waited up from 7pm to 3:30am before finally crashing and going to sleep for two hours. I abruptly woke up at 5:30am and dove for the computer. (So I basically stalked the site for a full 8+ hours.)

The clue was up! And ...I didn't know the answer! I had to download a pirated copy of the Chamber of Secrets and hunt for the word "Quidditch" with the 'find" function in order to find the answer. I managed to do all of this in about 5 minutes. LOL Thank goodness the download time was super fast.

Anyway, I accidentally got two accounts because I thought the first one hadn't gone through but it did after all. I'm MarauderDraconis35 and my sister is AurorOak40.

I'll be pissed if the site is lame (we can't get on it yet) and all of this bother was for nothing. I expect nothing less than awesomeness.
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I'm dedicating the 2000th post to the fandoms I love the most and have been in the longest and the fandoms that are dear to me but I'm no longer in. These are the fandoms I've posted about on my LJ at various times or would have posted about had LJ existed back then. Since my LJ is sort of half fandom, half personal stuff, I think it's fitting to make my 2000th post something that's both personal and fandom.

The reason I got this LJ in the first place. Tokio Hotel will always be special to me. Because of their special place in my LJ history, I'm posting them first even though their one of my shorter fandoms at 4 years.

My FOREVER fandoms )

I'm no longer in these fandoms but they still hold special memories for me and deserve to be mentioned here.


*raises a toast* Here's to 2000 more LJ posts and more fandom memories! If LJ does crash and die before then from another server attack. (omg I actually tagged a post! I want to remember this one)


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