Jul. 20th, 2011

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Saw Harry Potter in IMAX dome today! I would have enjoyed it more had I not had to pee so badly for about 3/4 of the film. I wanted to cry and I couldn't get the damn doors open to leave! LOL I was just gonna miss the last half hour of the movie because I REALLY HAD TO PEE but the doors were stuck. Fire hazard! So I had to do the "gotta pee" chair dance. It turns out when I got up and went to the back, those seats were actually better than the ones I'd been sitting in, which were closer to the screen. Sitting in the back at IMAX from now on. People were probably like, "why the fuck is she leaving?!" Yeah, nature was calling because of that damn coffee I'd had earlier. I hate to be the annoying person who goes to the bathroom in the middle of a movie but...

Anyway, the dome IMAX is amazing at Franklin Institute. It's one of the largest dome IMAX, I believe. Really giant. It's almost too big because it's a little difficult to follow the action across the screen of a 180 degree projection. You have one person talking all the way on your left and the other person talking all the way on your right. You either settle for looking at neither of them and staring at the middle or you look back and forth and hurt your neck. LOL I don't do dome IMAX very often for this reason. It's actually not the best viewing format, IMO. It's easier to see if you're in the very back row but even with the middle/middle-back seats it's difficult to see everything when sitting in them. Still, it's super cool to watch a movie in dome IMAX at least once just for the experience. I remember I saw Star Trek in the dome too. THAT was actually the most amazing movie experience I've had. That movie worked particularly well in the dome, except for when the ship flew across the horizon because it would bend oddly. I think Harry Potter is best in 3D so far. Really amazing in 3D!

a few spoilers in my observation )


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