Jul. 3rd, 2011

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My enthusiasm. Sometimes it's a bad thing but when it's good it makes life more fun because I really invest in things.
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So I FINALLY watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. I didn't want to watch it because I didn't want to be depressed and I was so disappointed with the HBP movie (HBP is one of my favorite books and the movie was terrible). DH ties as one of my favorite HP books (or one of my favorite books in general) but it's so dark. Fortunately, I wasn't actually too affected by watching it, although had I been watching alone I probably would have cried over Dobby. As it was, I was watching with my sister and her hair dresser and I had to hold back my tears. LOL I was snuffling a little bit though. When I read the books, I cried as hard for Dobby as I did for Dumbledore and surprisingly didn't cry at all for Fred/George (I can never remember which one it was). The movie was really good though! They kept my attention through the whole thing. A MILLION times better than HBP (what a snoozefest). The acting was great, the pacing was great, the changes to the story didn't detract from it at all. I think they did a great job! I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was back on form from the last movie, which had me wanting my money back about 30 minutes into it.

I really need to give mega compliments to the cast for their acting because the acting of the main trio can be a bit dodgy at times. It seems to be good in one movie, then bad the next, then good the next movie, etc. The acting was awful in HBP, which is one of the reason I dislike the movie so much. Emma, Dan, and Rupert really outdid themselves in DH Part 1. Helena was great even though she didn't have much screen time. Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs did a great job too with their limited screen time. Tom and Jason did really well showing the contrast between the arrogant self-assured Malfoys of the previous movies and the frightened desperate Malfoys of the last two movies. They make a really good pair. I love how twitchy Lucius is in this movie and you can see how Draco is in over his head. (and Lucius too, for that matter, and they both know it!)

Loved seeing Snape, although I wish there'd been more of him in the movie since he's my favorite character. :(

Skipping around a bit, Rupert Grint had some of the best acting in this movie. He does angry and nasty really well and was exactly like I pictured Ron being in the books. His face is so expressive and he really used that to his advantage here. Dan had some really brilliant bits too! I love the polyjuice part in the beginning where he was playing others playing him. That could easily have been dumb but it was really funny. I also love the dancing between Hermione and Harry. I thought Emma and Dan played that really well. Both Emma and Dan had some great, heavy emotional scenes and they carried them without a problem.

So I give this a 10/10 because I really can't find anything wrong with it. LOL It also helps that I only read DH once (because it's so damn long) and it's been years since I read it (read it when it first came out, of course). I couldn't remember anything that happened so everything was a surprise (the only thing I clearly remember is that horrid epilogue that I wish I'd never read). If they left out something major I have no way of knowing and it doesn't matter to me because I can't remember. I'm not even sure where my book even is so I can't even look shit up! XD

I'm super excited to see the final movie now. I think I'll get my midnight tickets.

ETA: Just bought my tickets to the midnight showing of DH Part 2!


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