Jun. 15th, 2011

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Currently reading Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin. It's about how much knowledge the ancient Sumerians had and an alternative interpretation of biblical accounts that accounts for this potential knowledge. It's interesting that the book was written in 1990 but uses scientific discoveries and theories from 21 years ago that are only now becoming part of the public consciousness. I'm like, "Hey but I thought we only just discovered that!" when really it was a discovery from 20 years ago that's just now being widely publicized. I like reading older texts to see what people knew before it became common knowledge.

I think Sitchin may be on to something, although most people would probably think the book is some crazy pseudo-science stuff. It's interesting if nothing else. I think he's totally off with part of his interpretation of the Sumerian texts but I still think he's on to something with the concept of ancient knowledge that's now lost. I've long since thought there was something to that line of thought.

ETA: Now this has me searching again for more information on the Big Orange Thing, as we call it. I've posted about it before in my LJ. Still have yet to figure out what it is but my sister finally found an account online of one more person who's seen it. He described exactly what we saw including the rapid shrinking. He didn't know what it was either but interpreted it as a sign from God.

Of course I don't think this but any explanation I come up will be just as unsatisfactory. It's an astronomical body that isn't the moon or anything else we're familiar with, that's all I'm sure of. I haven't seen it since 2007. Maybe there's a crack in the fabric of space-time or something crazy and we're seeing a parallel universe. idk. I swear it looks like Gallifrey, only with more craters.

Drives me crazy that so few people have seen it and NO ONE knows what it is.

ETA2: She saw it too! Another sighting! With a stupid explanation given by the "expert" that can't possibly be correct.The explanation given is ridiculous. I like astronomy and know enough information about the field to know that the explanation isn't feasible. I know what I saw. Not the Moon, Venus, or Mars or anything normal that could be used as an explanation. Especially since it did the same thing as the one I saw and the moon was clearly visible in the sky next to it. It's NOT the moon or a planet that we know of.


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