Apr. 29th, 2011

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I'm trying to care more about the royal wedding. Wake me up when Harry gets married. That's the day I will mourn that Prince Hot Ginge is no longer on the market. I'll cry freakin' buckets of bitter tears. WHERE'S CHELSY DAVY? I CAN TAKE HER! *fighting stance* (how do you spell her name anyway? It's spelled oddly)

But srsly though, I'm glad William and Kate are happy but monarchies seem a bit outdated so I'm rolling my eyes a bit at all the fuss. I'm so American. lol

For all my jaded ramblings, I'd have the biggest wedding ever if I married a Prince. LOL That dress would be fairytale poofy and I'd have servants and shit. My bouquet would be the size of my entire upper body. The cake would be like one story high or something and there's be chocolate fountains and champagne fountains. And I'd get married at Amiens Cathedral. Except France doesn't really have Princes (Dauphins?) anymore so that's not actually going to work out for me. And even if France did, I don't know them. *sigh* So much for that fairytale royal wedding.

Who am I kidding? I'm going to be an old spinster cat lady working a job that barely makes ends meet. :(


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