Feb. 14th, 2011

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Got a lot done today. Most of my paper, cleaning, curtains/blinds installed, made out my daily schedule for tomorrow! Much easier to make a schedule the day before instead of the day of. I also met two really nice homeless people. One was a man named Bill (I think; I'm terrible with names) and I met him on the way to my appointment with my therapist. He's staying at a local church. He was telling me his story and stuff. I wish I'd had more time to talk but I was running a little late for my appointment. :/ I hate having to rush off after talking only a couple of minutes.

The other man's name I didn't get but he was selling a paper called One Step Away for $1. It's a paper written by the homeless in shelters and then other homeless people sell the paper on the streets and in train stations for $1. They get to keep $.75 and the remaining $.25 goes towards the production of the paper. I think it's a brilliant idea. The stories are really interesting in the paper and you get to see just what people are struggling with. There's even a guest article by Prince William in the paper. He wrote the article for an international organization comprised of homeless newspapers in multiple countries (his charity serves the homeless) and they republished it in One Step Away as a guest column. I thought it was pretty cool.

I wish I'd given the man more than a dollar but hopefully I'll see him again. I saved my other two because I was looking for this older veteran who'd been there only a moment before asking for change. I went to get a couple of bucks because I felt bad but when I came back, the veteran was gone. :( Interestingly, this younger guy was in almost the same spot when I got back and he was homeless too.

Funny how that worked out.


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