Jan. 10th, 2011

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Disclaimer: I suck at gaming. I like it but I'm not very good at it so the stuff I complain about will probably not be an issue most other gamers. Doesn't stop me from trying occasionally to play games, though.

So I got Tron Evolution. It's pretty but it sort of sucks, although it sucks less now that I've figured out how to change the camera angle. The controls are a bit difficult to use because they make you do things like right trigger + A + X all at the same time and silly things like that just to run the wall. Then you have to hit A again at just the right time and toggle at just the right angle in order to jump off the wall and land on the platform. The controls definitely seem to be slightly more difficult than with other games I've played. I usually end up jumping off the wall and straight to my "death." It's taking me a bit to actually get anywhere in the game because it takes me 6 or 7 tries to get to the next saved point.

There are also parts of it so far that seem rather pointless. Like I was fighting infected Isos for ages, seemingly for no reason at all. Like there wasn't an objective, aside from opening a door, and they weren't hard to beat. They were just annoying. It's just like someone said "the user needs to fight something here for five minutes...eh well stick something or another here." At least have it so that I collect an item or something. Fighting to open a door after a lot of pointless wall running is really just irritating. Also, I'm having trouble getting used to 3rd person. That's part of my wall running problem and the problem I'm running in to when I fight infected Isos. I can't see what I'm doing! I'm best at 1st person shooter. As such, I went and bought Halo 3 today. Got a used copy for $26.

Yes, I skipped Halo 2 but that's the least good game of all of them anyway. I would have gone in order and gotten Halo 2 but they didn't have it. Only had Halo 3 and Reach at the places I went to. I was surprised they didn't have OSDT.

I must force myself to play more of Tron because that game cost me $60. I'm not wasting that money. Stupid purchase is veeeery stupid. *sigh* Should have just waited until there were used copies if I wanted it so much. The box was so shiny and pretty tho...


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