Jan. 2nd, 2011

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One helluva party and I had awesome company! Yeah, it was a great New Year's. I had a blast!

We started off at Tir Na Nog but that party was lame. I knew my friend Keyana was out on the town too so I'm like, "Maybe where she went is better!" and it totally was. We headed over to McGillan's (I think that's the name) and she and her friends had gotten there early and so already had a table. Not only was the party better but we had somewhere to sit too! There was lots of laughing, singing, drinking, tweeting, and texting.

I had such a blast! It had been like two years since I saw her last. :) We kept making plans to get together but then they kept falling through so I'm super happy that last night came together so perfectly!

I can't wait for my sisters to upload their pics. :)


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